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Hearing aid


can be classified as follows :

Behind The Ear (BTE): Its size is about medium to large which is suitable for moderate
to profound hearing loss and must be hanged on ear pinna connected with ear canal by
plastic tube and ear mould.

Open Fitting: It’s also hanged on ear pinna but smaller size and it’s suitable for mild to
Moderate hearing loss. Reduction of occlusion effect is benefit of this type.

Receiver in The Canal (RIC): Its housing is quite small. Receiver is placed in the ear canal
and also be changed easily from low to high power. Therefor, it can cover for wide range of
hearing loss and, definitely, it must be hanged on ear pinna as well.

In The Ear (ITE): This will be made one by one (custom made) and it’s placed directly in
The ear canal so nothing is hanged on the pinna. Generally, there are three sizes called
In The Ear (ITE), In The Canal (ITC) and Completely In The Canal (CIC) and they are suitable
For sever, moderate and mild hearing loss respectively.

Pocket Type: This is quit an old fashion but stills around and improved by digital technology.
The body of it has to be clipped with shirt or belt and wired to the ear. Price is very affordable
and operated by AA battery.


Pure lets nothing come between wearers and the world around them.
Designed for utmost discreation , Pure packs the most advanced hearing technology into an ultra-small intrument that's nearly invisible when worn.
Available in both RIC and CIC configurations,and in a choice of two performance levels ,Pure is one of the most discreet hearing instruments designed for those with up to moderately severe hearing loss.


Life is for living,as the saying goes.For immersing yourself in your hobbies. For relaxing with your favourite music.Or simply spending time with family and friends .Those are the reasons why siemens developed Motion. Motiondesiring for wearers with moderate through severe hearing loss, Motion offers different housing types and performance levels to meet he diverse needs of wearers.Motion is fully automatic,so even in complex listening environments,There'no need to change programs or adjust volume settings. And all BTE models are rechargeable,so wearers don't have to worry about changing batteries either.


Siemens Tek is our wireless enhancement for select Siemens hearing instruments. Specifically designed to meet the demands of today/s interactive hearing instrument wearer,Tek connect
speaks the same language as all of your other high - tech toys.Giving you better performance and sound quality. Not to mention convenience and comfort.Make and take hansfree cell phone calls directly
through your hearing instruments.Listen to you MP3 files in natural,stereophonic,digital sound.Watch TV and DVDs with optimized audio.Tek Wireless. Effortless.Seamless.It's time for everything to get in sync.


ProPocket and ePen remote controls provide easy fingertip control over virtually all instrument functions.It is small enough to fit into a purse or pocket,so you can make quicj and easy adjustments without others noticing.


Many of our instruments are also rechargeable,perfect for wearers who don't want the hassle of changing batteries.Wearers can simply place both instryments in the stylish,easy-to -use charger.After just five hours,the instruments are ready to go all day and evening.For maximum flexibility,these instrument also work with standard zinc-air batteries.


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easy Tek


Transforming wireless hearing aids into a high quality, stereo headset is simple. The smart multi-function button lets you turn easy Tek on and off, answer a phone call, change listening programs or easily switch audio sources like music players, TVs and more, with just one button. The straightforward volume controls allow you to quickly change the volume of your hearing aids. And the easy-to-read LED lights give you important information, such as when it’s time to recharge the battery.